Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hello, Rae of the past

I came across a poem today that I wrote in 1990. I was trying to incorporate all 7 sacraments into a single poem. What I like about the poem now is that it brings back to me the life I lead back then, when my kids were young and life was SO MUCH BUSIER but I was SO MUCH YOUNGER.

Poem of the Ordinary

As if this ordinary Monday
could be transformed one detail at a time,
I call to order ordinary items:

Kerosene heaters, flame on!
child go to bus stop!
husband get coffee!
teens mount your vehicles!
dog find your bush!
cat lick your dish out!
walkers get moving!

Warm clear sunlight,
invited in kitchen
coffee still strong
roasted beans, like vanilla.

Cup to my lips
offered now in communion.
Kiss at the doorway,
matrimonial tug.
Stairs to the shower
for morning baptism.
Sharp with the kids,
scrubby dub now for penance.
Dress now for work,
holy orders resplendent.
Anoint with perfume,
fragrant prayer against weariness.
Last cup of coffee,
a quick confirmation.
Let the cathedral
doors swing as I leave.

Two ordinary quiet
hours of waking;
sacrament Monday,
Your blessings received.

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