Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What the world needs now is saints, sweet saints

I've wanted to be a saint ever since I read Therese of Lisieux's autobiography. So imagine my delight when I stumbled across a new blog from someone who is documenting his or her effort to become a saint. Here's an entry that made me laugh out loud at least twice. (I leave the figuring out where as an exercise for the student.):

Four Dead Sins?
When I converted to Catholicism, I suffered from four sins that can be, and normally are, grave matter. Three of them were almost daily occurrences. All four are now dead or severely crippled. I hated them (well, I hated three of them; one of them--intense drunkenness, to the point of losing reason--I kinda miss because I miss the camaraderie that normally came with it). Sin results in existential nervousness, which spills out of the soul and into the conscious, making him noticeably nervous, fearful, agitated. So I'm glad those serious sins are dead or crippled, or appear to be dead or cripple. I've read enough to realize they can come back again so I'm not getting cocky. I give thanks for my victory and move on to lesser sins, realizing the (possibly temporary) conquest of those four sins is merely a first and fundamental step.

Re: The possible temporary victory over those four sins.
It reminds me of the story of a desert father, a man renowned for his holiness. As he was lying on his death bed, the devil appeared in his window and said, "You have defeated me." The holy man replied, "We still don't know yet."

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