Friday, September 07, 2007

Walter A. McCubbin makes a poem

by Walter A. McCubbin

A poem is but the meal of thought,
By liquid words to batter brought;
Figures of speech the cook invents
To serve for salt and condiments;
And fancy's artful leaven plies
To give it lightsome, pleasing guise;
Cut into measured lengths of time,
And baked within the mold of rhyme,
The poet-chefs do thus convert
Coarse meal of thought to sweet dessert.
One of the great pleasures of the used book business is to find unsung works by obscure poets. Walter A. McCubbin's public life was in botany, both in academia and commerce. Besides numerous articles for scientific publication, he is the author of The Plant Quarantine and Fungi and Human Affairs. This is from his only book of poetry. Its dedication page reads:
This book of poems
has been published
in loving memory of
by his widow

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