Monday, July 02, 2007

a cool blog, Harry Dresden, & a popcorn rant

Check out this blog, Literary Compass: Reading the Great Books from a Catholic Point of View.

I ran across it because it had a post about the Harry Dresden books, which I am rushing through like an addict at the moment. A popcorn addict, that is, which I am. Each book in The Dresden Files is like a big, heaping bowl of hot popcorn, that I start when the bowl is hot out of the pot and consume, with water or beer, until the bowl is empty.

<{popcorn rant}>And by popcorn I mean kernels of real corn popped on the stove in olive oil, not that abomination of a food that is called microwave popcorn. UGH. HORRIBLE! And do you know that it is replacing real popcorn in all of the grocery stores? Not only do most stores not have a choice of brands of uncooked regular corn, but some stores have stopped carrying it altogether. I had to go to the manager of my local Pathmark to get them to start carrying non-microwave popcorn a couple of years ago. Now they carry yellow corn only, in one brand.</popcorn rant>

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