Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kyle Crocco: A mostly unsung writer/recorder of trenchant causticisms

How's that for a blog entry title with a convention-defying plethora of adjectives, adverbs and made-up nouns?

Check out Kyle Crocco's thought of the day blog. I keep telling Kyle that he reminds me of Harry Dresden, the adventures of whom he's never read. This may or may not be an insult to either the real Kyle or the fictional Harry. Or it may just show the demented nature of my sense of comic truthiness.

Below are examples of what you'll find in Kyle's blog. The first made me laugh out loud. The second made me think, "Hey, I didn't know Philip K. Dick was a fan of Frank Sheed's "Theology and Sanity", a favorite book of mine and one I lent to my sister yesterday.

(A shout out to Marty Helgesen for introducing me to Frank Sheed. Marty's functioned a bit like a library angel to me over the years, sending me bits and pieces of serendipity in the way of contemporary letters. )
Anywho, from Kyle's blog:

Book titles of the day: July 1, 2007 25 days ago
Curious George Gets Laid
Curious George Gets Aids

My quote of the day: June 28, 2007 28 days ago
"Reality is that which when you stop believing in it, it doesn't go away." Philip K. Dick, Valis

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