Saturday, July 28, 2007

On the road again...

Since June 20, aka Rae's Retirement Day, I have luxuriated in my first true summer vacation since I was a kid. Tomorrow Bill and I hit the road again, just the two of us, for the first time since our graduation/delayed-honeymoon cross-country hitch-hiking trip in 1971.

On the road again, with my beloved! I feel 19 again. But so very happy that I am not.

First we head to Williamsburg for two days and two nights, enjoying a mini-holiday at the Williamsburg Marriott courtesy of a United Way give-away at Delaware Tech. Then we head south to Selma to see Gabe & David and our very dear little grandkids Zeke and Amelia. Then, almost straight north up I-65 to Indianapolis, then west to Chicago to see Bill's brothers and sisters.

I shut down my book business for the duration.

I am ever so excited. Hip hip hooray!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kyle Crocco: A mostly unsung writer/recorder of trenchant causticisms

How's that for a blog entry title with a convention-defying plethora of adjectives, adverbs and made-up nouns?

Check out Kyle Crocco's thought of the day blog. I keep telling Kyle that he reminds me of Harry Dresden, the adventures of whom he's never read. This may or may not be an insult to either the real Kyle or the fictional Harry. Or it may just show the demented nature of my sense of comic truthiness.

Below are examples of what you'll find in Kyle's blog. The first made me laugh out loud. The second made me think, "Hey, I didn't know Philip K. Dick was a fan of Frank Sheed's "Theology and Sanity", a favorite book of mine and one I lent to my sister yesterday.

(A shout out to Marty Helgesen for introducing me to Frank Sheed. Marty's functioned a bit like a library angel to me over the years, sending me bits and pieces of serendipity in the way of contemporary letters. )
Anywho, from Kyle's blog:

Book titles of the day: July 1, 2007 25 days ago
Curious George Gets Laid
Curious George Gets Aids

My quote of the day: June 28, 2007 28 days ago
"Reality is that which when you stop believing in it, it doesn't go away." Philip K. Dick, Valis

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Update on Owen, my miracle grandson

27 July 24, 2007 at 12:16 AM EDT

This is from Ruth:

Owen's amazing! My brother Wade and I play chase with him all of the time. Sometimes he falls, but sometimes he doesn't cry. He just gets right up and starts playing again. It's really nice to have a baby around the house. Sometimes he gets into all of my stuff, and it really gets on my nerves. But being so cute makes it up.

This is from Reetie:

I've posted some new pictures of the kids. Owen is currently being evaluated by the physical therapy team to discern whether or not he qualifies for services. These evaluations are required, though the general understanding is that he is fine and will continue to progress on track!

Bob and I have gotten used to the wonderment of his recovery. Yes, we still make a few comments, I will admit, daily, about the strength and progress of our youngest child. It is a very humbling experience, to be the mother of such wonder. I feel that we are all taking many steps back, and giving thanks.

And yet I often ponder,almost weekly, what life with a child with cerebral palsy would be like; the progress would be slower, though still present, the kids would still play games, instead of dancing on his feet maybe Owen would move just his arms and legs a bit. I imagine the slower pace of life it would have brought, perhaps wrought with anxiety and other challenges. I think of the joys of togetherness that it would have created in our family, by way of extra help from family and friends.

When I see someone with a disability, I immediately look for signs of inclusion and acceptance. I witness the kinship involved in his or her daily living. I seek out examples of what may have been, and I see them through lenses of love.

Monday, July 02, 2007

a cool blog, Harry Dresden, & a popcorn rant

Check out this blog, Literary Compass: Reading the Great Books from a Catholic Point of View.

I ran across it because it had a post about the Harry Dresden books, which I am rushing through like an addict at the moment. A popcorn addict, that is, which I am. Each book in The Dresden Files is like a big, heaping bowl of hot popcorn, that I start when the bowl is hot out of the pot and consume, with water or beer, until the bowl is empty.

<{popcorn rant}>And by popcorn I mean kernels of real corn popped on the stove in olive oil, not that abomination of a food that is called microwave popcorn. UGH. HORRIBLE! And do you know that it is replacing real popcorn in all of the grocery stores? Not only do most stores not have a choice of brands of uncooked regular corn, but some stores have stopped carrying it altogether. I had to go to the manager of my local Pathmark to get them to start carrying non-microwave popcorn a couple of years ago. Now they carry yellow corn only, in one brand.</popcorn rant>