Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Planned Parenthood Smokescreen Exposed! -- part 2

Hey out there. If your 13-year old daughter gets pregnant by a 22-year old guy, don't worry. Planned Parenthood will tell her how to get an abortion without notifying authorities of possible sexual predation. She can keep that cool older guy who no doubt treats her like the princess she is.

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Rae said...

And one of the comments on YouTube about this video:

hptinkkat (6 months ago)
***Planned Parenthood has demonstrated a willingness to cover up for rapists and child predators *** They covered up for my neighbor(26) and did not report it when he took me there at 12 for a pg test and bc or even when I told them he was f*cking me...they just said that's none of our bussiness and charged him more... I wanted help and a way out and they turned their backs