Monday, May 07, 2007

no, not the violent kind of non-pacifist...

In my last post I wrote:
I have stopped being a conscientious objector in the war between the "culture of life" vs. the "culture of death." I have committed myself to being on active duty (on the side of life) in this war.

That doesn't mean I'm embracing violence. Just that I am no longer standing on the sidelines, equally sympathetic with both sides. Whether it's my age or my psyche or the fact that my kids have grown and I can look past day to day existence, I have lost faith that any of our world leaders is "in charge" anymore, and I think we're spinning out of control.

This is my high school class' 40th anniversary. Ironically enough, our class song was The Eve of Destruction. But back then, it was a youthful pose.

I'm not pessimistic now, mind you. Even if none of our leaders is in charge, there's the Lamb who has already won the victory. Christ Jesus Victor -- now there's a leader you can take to the bank! But among the temporal powers, it sure does feel like we're on the eve of something... destruction or reconstruction, which will it be?

So I'm no longer a conscientious objector. Not on the sidelines.

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