Friday, May 18, 2007

Mmmmm.... Delaware fish

Delaware Issues New Fish Consumption Advisories for 2007 The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control and the Department of Health and Social Services’ Division of Public Health issued new fish consumption advisories today for fish caught in Delaware waterways.

The 2007 advisories are the result of ongoing sampling and
detailed laboratory analysis for the presence and concentrations of chemical contaminants in fish taken statewide from fresh, estuarine and marine waters.

The general statewide health advisory is:
  • Eat no more than one meal per week of any fish caught in Delaware’s fresh, estuarine and marine waters. This advisory applies to all waters and fish species not otherwise explicitly covered by an advisory.
The new advisories for fish from Prime Hook Creek, Waples Pond and
Slaughter Creek are:
  • Prime Hook Creek and Waples Pond: For women who are pregnant or may become pregnant and young children, eat no more than one meal of fish from these waters per month. All other people can eat up to two meals of fish from these waters per month.
The chemical contaminant of concern found in fish in these waters is mercury. Mercury consumed above certain levels can damage the nervous system, particularly in unborn and young children, resulting in learning and developmental delays.
  • Slaughter Creek: Eat no more than six meals per year. This advisory applies to the general population, including women of childbearing age and children.
The chemical contaminants of concern detected in fish in Slaughter Creek included PCBs and dioxins. Both are considered probable human carcinogens and long-term exposure to these chemicals can affect the nervous system, the immune system and the reproductive system.

Okay. Glad I'm eating canned tuna ...

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