Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Is the smokescreen beginning to diffuse?

From the Time Reporter in Zanesville, Ohio, comes this report of folks finally paying attention to the ugliest underbelly of Planned Parenthood's crazily-skewed view of the world. (I continue to think of it as that, I cannot believe that money alone would account for their rabid support of All Things Abortion.)

The ugliest underbelly of the abortion industry is sexual predation and worse (as in this case) of teenage girls by older men who then erase their tracks with abortion should anything "go wrong".

The pro-life press has been running stories for years about this kind of thing, but up to now Planned Parenthood has succeeded, with smoke and mirrors, in "disappearing the story" by judicious legal settlements and appeals to pro-choice folks for solidarity in agreeing to look the other way, so as not to give their pro-life enemies fodder for the war. And so case after case is buried.

In many ways, what has happened is similar to what happened with sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. To many feminists and liberals, the sacrament of abortion is so highly revered and so "necessary" that reports of wrongdoings in the abortion industry are regularly hushed up and trivialized. Victims of wrongdoings are paid off with settlements that require an agreement of silence.

What's happened in the Catholic Church is instructive. The bishops buried their heads in the sand until the sand shifted out from under them and revealed a rottenness that the Church had been unable or unwilling to deal with.

Pro-choice true believers bury their heads in the sand when it comes to abortion. In their minds, the right to abortion is as sacred as the rite of the Mass is to Catholics.

I'm glad to see the curtain being lifted.

One thing, though. It should be noted that although Mass is intrinsically good, and abortion is intrinsically bad, neither has a magic ability to keep sinners from sinning.

That's something we should all remember, when we demonize "the abortion industry" as if it were ONLY about money. It's not. It's about belief also, and there are many who ply the abortion trade who believe in the goodness of what they are doing. Screwtape told his disciple that putting over a Big Lie (as is the sacrament of abortion) on a large segment of society is one of the most effective and pleasurable tools of the devils' trade.

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