Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm ranting with more brevity

My most recent letter to the News Journal on the S.B. 5 debate:

To the Editor:

The elephant in the living room in the debate over somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) is religious belief. Many opponents of Senate Bill 5 (S.B. 5), like me, are members of Delaware churches. We exercise our right of free speech and freedom of religion when we come to Dover to oppose legislation we believe is morally wrong.

The pro-SB5 faction is increasingly willing to show anger and even hatred towards us Christian citizens and our free exercise of religion. Stemcellgo calls us “enemies of SB5”. They have publicly and privately stated that opposition to SB5 based on Christian bioethical principles is inadmissible. Although the First Amendment protects the rights of citizens to bring their religious sensibilities to the public square, these folks mistakenly believe that we violate the separation of church and state when we do so.

If we are ever to have reasoned discourse in our nation again, this notion that what goes on in church stays in church must be challenged. Everyone has a belief system. Everyone. You, me, the guy over at the 7-11, the girl driving next to you on I-95.

We are a pluralistic nation. We are set up so that people of diverse ideologies work together to achieve consensus through their elected representatives. Christian citizens should not be afraid to speak their minds about public issues. Non-Christian citizens should not try to stifle the voices of their Christian neighbors. This is how the democratic experiment works.

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