Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm in a pissy mood....

People of Faith, a national group that promotes the use of human embryos as research material and the cloning of humans for research purposes, is recruiting heavily in Delaware. Trying to get pro-cloners from the various churches. Which is fine, although Stemcellgo has made the religious beliefs of A Rose and a Prayer a political issue.

The discouraging part is that I got a copy of a list of signers of the People of Faith petition and found the names of three Catholic colleagues of mine at work. I like all three of them. I'm surprised to find one name on the list, and wonder if she knew what she was signing. The other two, I'm not surprised but am disappointed.

What hurts is that all three women are willing to go on public record as Catholics who oppose Catholic teaching.

I was at a departmental cocktail party last night speaking to a prof we hired about a year ago to teach Arabic. He was drinking lemonade while I was looking for wine. He is an observant Muslim, he said, and abstains from alcohol. I told him I knew at least one observant Muslim who drank, and he said yeah, you'll find that. We talked a bit about belonging to a religion while picking and choosing from its teachings. He is like me, he doesn't see the sense in embracing a faith without embracing all of its teachings.

I know I should be all sympathetic and full of understanding for why these folks, two of whom I count as work friends, give scandal by publicly opposing Catholic moral teaching. But I'm not. I'm just pissed off and pissy.

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