Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Trading on the Female Body

From International Women's Day 2007 comes this video made by pro-choice and pro-life women joined in an unlikely alliance to warn about the dangers of ovarian hyperstimulation.

Watch it and remember: EVERY act of somatic cell nuclear transfer (aka "research cloning") requires an egg from a fertile young women whose uterus has been hyperstimulated to undergo exactly what women who want to be mothers undergo in IVF. But while IVF is relatively confined in numbers, research cloning will involve hundreds of thousands of acts of somatic cell nuclear transfer. Each one of them requires an egg.

Hands Off Our Ovaries urges everyone, whatever their abortion politics might be, to join in calling for a moratorium on egg extraction for research purposes until the impact on public health of assembly-line egg extraction of thousands of young women can be assessed.

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