Tuesday, April 10, 2007

images of Resurrection, circa Stabosz-Danyo household 2007

From my grandson Owen's Care Pages, my daughter Reetie writes:
25 April 09, 2007 at 10:55 PM EDT

Owen walks! His balance is very good and rapidly improving. It has almost become his main mode of travel. He no longer needs to pull himself to standing. He is very proud of his achievements, walking back and forth, yet teetering on the brink of falling, and falling so well that we barely need to spot him except near the steps.

The P-T has one more goal with him before she's done: walking up and down steps unassisted. The psychologists and developmental pediatritions at CHOP agreed that Owen is "right where a 13-month-old ought to be" cognitively and developmentally.

We visited Dr. Evans, Owen's noenatologist from yesteryear. She was very happy with all that she had heard and with the little boy, aware and vibrant, she saw looking back at her. She said that she had never seen such a remarkable recovery for a patient with this degree and nature of brain injury. She was excited to spread the good news to everyone involved with Owen's early care.

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