Friday, April 06, 2007

The cry that rent the temple veil

The cry that rent the temple veil
And split the earth as deep as hell

And echoed through the universe,

Sounds, in bombardments, down to us.

There is no ear that has not heard

The deathless cry of murdered God;

No eye that has not looked upon

The lance of the crucifixion:

And yet that cry beats at the ears

Of old, deaf-mute interpreters,

Whose querulous and feeble cries

Drown stronger voices, and whose eyes

Will let no light of lances in:

They still will clamor for a sign!

Thomas Merton, from "An Argument -- Of the Passion of Christ"

Let us therefore frankly state that we are realists; we do not care for a system of philosophy so personal that nobody save ourselves would be ready to accept it. The true freedom of mind is to yield to the teaching of facts; to reject our own preconceived ideas every time somebody else is able to show us that they are wrong; in short, mental liberty consists in a complete submission to reality. This is the true spirit of scholastic realism... The Gospel does not ask us to say: "It seems to me, hence it is"; or, "I do not think so, hence it is not so"; but, "Est, est; non, non: that which is, is; that which is not, is not."

Either we shall be free from things, and slaves to our minds, or free from our minds because submitted to things.

-- Etienne Gilson, "Medieval Universalism and Its Present Value."
May you all have a most blessed Good Friday. Pray for this sinner, as I will pray for you.

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