Thursday, April 19, 2007

A great, big, belly laugh

I saw a news headline titled "Doctors Denounce High Court Ruling" that I just had to click on. I hadn't read any other actual news reports of yesterday's Supreme Court ruling and had kept abreast of things just reading the headlines. But this one intrigued me -- I was cynically amused by the Call to White-Coated Authority implied in that amorphous subject "Doctors" (Which doctors? How many? What political side do they take on abortion?)

But I broke out in a downright belly laugh when I read the first three paragraphs of the news article:
The controversial abortion procedure outlawed Wednesday by the Supreme Court is rarely performed but may offer distinct advantages over other second-trimester abortion methods, Bay Area doctors said Wednesday.

The point, doctors said, is it should be up to medical professionals to decide what's safest for their patients.

"There are medical situations where this procedure is necessary to protect a woman's health," said Dr. Anne Foster-Rosales, chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood Golden Gate. (italics added - Rae) "This ruling tells us that women's health is no longer the priority."
Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, you may recall, gave us that delightfully violent cartoon "Superhero for Choice" featuring a costumed avenger blowing the heads off of pro-life picketers with a condom gun. (You won't find this on their site anymore. They removed it shortly after it appeared.)

Yes, this is the same group who now hopes to be the first Planned Parenthood affiliate to get 5000 YouTube hits on an ad that in the words of its producer, "challenges popular conceptions of religion and sexuality". Yes indeed, it is quite a bold challenge. In the words of the Planned Parenthood press release:
The thirty second spot features a hip, young couple that is saved from engaging in unprotected sex by divine intervention.
Wow, so the Holy Spirit wants to help kids fornicate? Who knew??

You can see why the belly laugh. Oh yes, Dr. Foster-Rosales is certainly the keen-eyed, objective professional I would go to for a quote on the effect of ending a practice that butchers, without anaesthetic, a nearly full-term infant after allowing it to partially complete the birth process. No incredibility there, no, none at all.

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