Friday, April 20, 2007

Another favorite raepoem

Oh, and this one. I love it mostly because it sprang from an inconsequential break room conversation at work. Do men have any idea how much time the female of the species spends analyzing their actions? My husband discovered this with a shock the eight months he spent in a hospital a decade and a half ago. He developed a great respect and admiration for nurses, who bear the brunt of the work in patient care and comfort. But he was amazed to discover that the nurses, most of whom were female, day in and night out discussed husbands, boyfriends, suitors, and relationships. Any woman coulda told him...


This day awoke in sheets of rain --
May morning drenching -- like time before and time again
but bud new.
The head upon the blanket moved in startled praise
for absence of complicity
in damage.

Catherine spoke directly to me.
Through the young, self-involved windows
of her eyes I saw a woman kneeling nearly shadowed
by the flowers she was picking, hair done up in bun to match
her loose romantic dress, greens trailing her basket
from untrimmed wildflowers she would later cull.

Catherine's voice was confident.
Each proud detail of her story spoke of teasing
girl entitlement. Her face a shining testament
to beauty's self-excuse.
"I told him that I knew that he was innocent but still
I had to punish him to make my point."

The woman in the shadows offered gesture
of untangling thick brown tresses of woman foliage
and fastening mother of pearl to Catherine's upswept crown of hair
but shhhhh, shhhhh, -- the woman in her violet eyes blinks out of sight
and royal Catherine longs to flick her whip again.

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