Saturday, March 24, 2007

My inner harridan

That's not a photo of me but it's an image of how I've been feeling lately. I'm really peeved at the folks who accused A Rose and a Prayer publicly of lying about cloning. If I had kept on talking to Stephanie Hansen from Stemcellgo after Wednesday's legislative meeting, I might have decked her or at least hurled the effing bee phrase at her.

Long ago, when I was 18, I physically attacked a priest who was perpetrating an injustice against my then boyfriend, now husband. That 18 year old savage is still alive and well inside me. It's pretty scary, actually.

What always sets me off is injustice, perpetrated against me or someone I love. I think I have a "righteous anger" button that doesn't recognize my usual stops & censors, maybe because the indignation is... well, righteous. I don't go off in anger when I'm in the wrong, only when I'm in the right.

In this case SH reacted so hatefully and so suddenly, and hers was a response to my friendly overtures after the meeting. It seems pretty obvious that she thinks we are evil, beyond the pale. And I am not prepared for that kind of hatred directed at me again. I'm retiring from the University rather than stay any longer in an environment where I have enemies who do me harm.

57 years old, and I've still got my 18-year old bad girl inside me. Only my bad girl is all about violence and anger, not sex and pleasure.

Yeah. Pretty sobering. I don't think I should go to Legislative Hall again while Stephanie Hansen is on the opposition.


HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE. As I was writing that, my son Ish came in and said, "Hey Mom, what's that I hear about you having to be pulled away from somebody in Dover?" Apparently the kids at the Oratory heard all about it. Probably from the young man I do not remember pulling at my arm and telling me to "Let it go, just let it go". Kathy Barr told me about him as we were walking back to the car -- I have no memory of that whatsoever.

Sigh. Double sigh.

The difficult psalms have been making a lot more sense to me since I started acquiring enemies.

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