Friday, March 23, 2007

Catholic bashing: alive and well in Delaware

I spent Wednesday in Legislative Hall in Dover, lobbying against one bill that would authorize human cloning in Delaware and for a bill that would ban all forms of human cloning. The most discouraging part was to hear Catholic bashing rear its ugly head. I wrote the following letter to both our secular and diocesan newspaper:

March 22, 2007
To the editor:

Those who attended the hearings on SB5 and HB76 concerning cloning yesterday in Legislative Hall know that anti-Catholic prejudice is alive and well in Delaware. On three occasions pro-cloning advocates singled out the Catholic Church as an enemy of truth. Senator Robert Venables, sponsor of SB5, ridiculed the Catholic Church both for censoring the scientist Galileo and for publicly apologizing for that injustice. Stephanie Hansen, testifying for Stemcellgo, read excerpts from the parish bulletins of two Catholic parishes, accusing A Rose and a Prayer of duping the naive Catholics in the pews by characterizing somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) as human cloning. Stemcellgo representative Deni Galileo testified that SCNT is "creating a blastocyst" conveniently ignoring the fact that a human blastocyst is a human embryo at an early stage of development. Finally, Stemcellgo made thinly disguised references to the so-called wealth of the Catholic Church when it characterized A Rose and a Prayer as a well-funded, well-organized group of religious extremists lying to ordinary Catholics about SB5.

The Delaware State Council of the Knights of Columbus will hold its annual recruiting drive this weekend at Catholic parishes throughout the state. I encourage you to look into joining the Knights, who stand on the forefront defending the rights of Catholics to hold and practice their faith without ridicule.

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