Monday, March 26, 2007

Folks, we have a champion!

A great day for Nick and "Team USA" of the Cooler House League Squirt Division, Alpharetta, Ga, winners of the 2007 Cooler Cup by the score of 9-8 in overtime.

This is my good buddy Dave Kendrick and his son Nicholas, holding up the silver symbol of the greatest moment yet in Nick's ice hockey career -- his Team USA won the cooler cup championship, down Georgia way!! Dave is my Jewish son, I'm his Catholic mom. I'm just bursting with pride to show these two guys, champions both, and don't they both have beautiful smiles?

But Dave must have put a ringer in for Nicholas -- the Nick-Nick I remember is much younger, smaller, much more of a boy. Can it be... am I getting older also??? Nah, it can't be.

Oh, and I once played football with Nick's dad. I was younger then...

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