Friday, December 08, 2006

"Scrubs" takes on the "A" word

The television sitcom "Scrubs" regularly pushes the envelope without fanfare and without offensiveness. Two weeks ago, J.D. (Zach Braff)and his new urologist girlfriend Kim (Elizabeth Banks) found themselves in a family way even though they had never "gone all the way" -- possibly the first time a situation comedy ever dealt with the possibility of splash pregnancy.

Last night on "Scrubs", Carla and Turk had their baby amidst the usual wackiness while J.D. and Kim debated whether to have their baby, give it up for adoption, or have an abortion. Dr. Cox, meanwhile, spent the episode talking straight to his three year old son, telling Jordan he wasn't about to lie to him like adults do to kids. So we have a kid who runs up to an overweight woman chanting "Fat lady, fat lady" as Perry explains "I teach my son to be a straight shooter" and Jordan rolls her eyes in despair at his fathering skills.

When the "A" word (abortion) is first mentioned, Nurse Laverne overhears and says, "Did somebody say 'abortion'?"

Kim replies, "With all due respect, Laverne, this is none of your business," and Laverne shoves her statue of Jesus at Kim saying, "Tell that to him!"

J.D. has one of his fantasies. The statue morphs into life and Jesus tells him, "No abortion, none." J.D. argues, "Well what if the parents were crack addicts and the baby would grow up abused?"

Jesus says, "Oh well, in that case it's okay." J.D. brightens up until Jesus shows he was just being sarcastic: "No, J.D., what did I say? No abortion! None. Never!"

J.D. and Kim then solicit advice from various people. Jordan says, "I had an abortion", and her son says to Dr. Cox, "Daddy, what's an abortion?" and then we see the little brat going around saying "My mommy had an abortion, my mommy had an abortion." Jordan explains the circumstances -- she was nineteen -- and says that it really was probably for the best, it would have been a big mistake to have the baby, but her face sort of crumples and she looks sad.

Carla meanwhile needs a C-section because the umbilical cord is prolapsed. Suddenly everything turns serious. The baby is born, but they rush him off to NICU and all the characters stop talking and look scared. J.D. and Kim are horrified and grab each other's hand.

A moment later, Turk comes in holding his newborn daughter and smiling from ear to ear. The room breaks into laughter and cheers. J.D. and Kim look at each other, faces wreathed in smiles, and say, "We can do it. Let's do this thing." They kiss. Fade to black.

Now that's cutting edge television.

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