Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ever wonder what holidays are like by me?

What I did for my Thanksgiving vacation:

I watched my Ernie and Robbie, my two cool nephews (sons of my sister Marguerite) do the Chronicles of Narnia rap while my son Walter filmed them. This was our entertainment as we were letting the turkey do its work on us. Mmmmm. Turkey. Mmmmm. Family. Mmmmm. Entertainment.

Lazy Sunday: Chronicle of Narnia Thanksgiving Edition

Monday, November 06, 2006

A poor thing, but mine own...

I made up a joke. For someone who is notoriously lacking in the humor gene (except for the appreciation thereof), I'm happy. It's a little late but:

Q: Who was the happiest man in America when the Ted Haggard story broke?

A: John Kerry

Ta dum!

Y'know, one of the late night comics or some political pundit (or more than one) probably already said it, but I don't watch those guys and I didn't read it so I claim it for my own!

Of course, my husband has always claimed that he coined the term "rent-a-cop" to refer to the University police way back in 1967 when we were young Students for a Democratic Society...