Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What Jenny Dorazio did on her summer vacation

This is my niece Jenny Dorazio* in her favorite photograph from her six-week trip to East Asia this summer.

"These little children were taught to beg for money," Jenny writes. "They ran up to us and we played with them for hours, giving them food and toys."

Jenny went with a Christian group of undergraduates whose primary goal was a missionary one -- to share
the good news of Jesus Christ with the people they met during the course of their travels. A very Pauline goal, although this was a non-Catholic group. Missionary activity these days is looked at askance by many folks who equate evangelizing with cultural imperialism. My own take? Jenny, like my daughter Gabe, is another young person to take the energetic idealism of young adulthood and run with it into cultures and people far afield of her comfort zone in middle-class America. You go, Jenny!

* Apparently Jenny has dropped the apostrophe and capital "o" in the family name D'Orazio. I'm guessing it's a computer thing - my generation was the first to discover just how confounded so many software programs became when confronted with the anomalous apostrophe.

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