Saturday, July 22, 2006

non-destructive stem cell research abounds

Forbes Magazine has an article today titled
Despite Bush Veto, Stem Cell Research Abounds. Whatever axe it has to grind is economical, not political, so it is gratifying to see an accurate reporting of the abundance and success of non-destructive stem cell research. The fact is that even without the ethical problems, there are good reasons to pursue therapeutic paths other than human embryonic stem cell (hESC) research. The wool is still being pulled over the eyes of the public by the pro-hESC folks, who continue to argue that they want to do hESC primarily to find cures for diseases. They don't. What is driving the push for hESC is not the desire to cure diseases but the desire for funds for pure research. It's all about the money, the prestige, and the desire to conquer new paths of knowledge. Embryonic stem cells are JUST SO DAMNED PLURIPOTENT that scientists covet them irrationally. I read a blog the other day that ridiculed Rick Santorum for trying to pass legislation to get NIH to fund research to look for non-destructive methods of obtaining pluripotent cells. What a waste of money, this blogger said, when we already have a perfectly good source of pluripotent cells NOW!

I am quite sure that the God who is creator and redeemer of this fragile and wounded world will be more than happy to guide us to pluripotency that does not require the destruction of human beings at the earliest stage of development. As the Forbes article indicates, researchers are already coaxing pluripotency out of stem cells acquired non-destructively. What is this cloud of stubborness that shrouds the stem cell issue and keeps ordinary people of good will convinced that the only way to pluripotency is through destroying human embryos?

As the Church Lady says, "Could it be ... SATAN?!?"

If he wasn't so spiteful to the God I love, I could almost admire the cleverness of the Father of Lies. How spectacularly he can play the human instrument.

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