Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Oglala Tribal Council at Pine Ridge Bans Abortion

You may have read about how President Cecelia Fire Thunder of the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota announced plans to open an abortion clinic on reservation grounds after the state banned all abortions recently. I followed that story, including Planned Parenthood's polite "Thanks, but no thanks," and Fire Thunder's solicitation of funds on her own web site.

Rock for Life reports now that the tribal council has outlawed abortion on the reservation. It has also suspended Fire Thunder from the council in anticipation of impeachment procedures, saying that she had no authority to accept contributions on behalf of the tribe. Cecelia Fire Thunder denied that she ever used the word "abortion" or accepted any money in donations. "Her stand, by what we read and what we hear from all accounts, was to support abortion. I've never seen such a turn-around," said Will Peters, tribal council representative from the Pine Ridge district.

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