Friday, June 09, 2006

Let's stop the demonization of illegal aliens

Amid the hysteria that's been sweeping the conservative landscape over the immigration issue and “reconquista”, Chuck Colson offers a welcome remedy.

Among other things, he writes:

Now, there are a few fringe Latino groups that talk about “reconquista”—that is all they are, however: fringe. To judge all Latinos, including illegal aliens, by the words of these groups is as fair as judging all Christians by the actions of clinic bombers or Fred Phelps.

A concern for fairness isn’t the most important reason that Christians ought to oppose this demonization of “the strangers in our midst.” As theologian T. M. Moore recently wrote on BreakPoint Online, “God defends strangers. He has compassion for those who have left all and risked all to find new lives in a strange country.”

Moore reminds us that God expects His people’s “attitude toward the strangers and sojourners in their midst” to reflect His own concern.

Now, this does not mean that Christians ought not to be concerned about the massive lawbreaking, by both illegal immigrants and those who employ them. We must! The rule of law is a Christian contribution, coming out of the Reformation, and it requires respect for law, just as the Bible does. Nor does it mean that there’s one particular immigration proposal that Christians ought to be supporting.

Read the whole thing.

Thank you, Mr. Colson, for speaking up.

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