Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sex, lies and prison

Kathleen Parker has a chilling column on what happened to one foolish young man in the current climate of "virgins and demons" (as she calls it).

We have just gone through Sexual Assault Month at the University of Delaware, where some of us unsuccessfully tried to have the Office of Women's Affair withdraw the pro-abortion, anti-Catholic documentary film "Rosita" from the schedule of campus events for what is supposed to be a month to teach students how to create a safe sexual environment on campus. I am the parent of two University of Delaware students. In theory, I should welcome the University's attempt to teach its young men and women how to avoid being either perpetrators or victims of sexual assault.

In reality, I do not welcome a whole month spent proselytizing the radical feminist vision of all men as rapists, all women as victims, and abortion as a necessary corollary to sexual safety.

Read the case Kathleen Parker reluctantly decided to write about. Why reluctant? Because who wants to be defending a rapist? But if the facts are as she reports, this makes for chilling reading for parents of any young college male.

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