Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Finding in the Temple

I was praying the rosary this morning in front of the virtual Blessed Sacrament and I went off in search of a picture of the fifth joyful mystery, The Finding in the Temple. I came across this one, which was just too good not to share.

Turns out it is a work of Michael D. O'Brien, author of Father Elijah, Strangers and Sojourners, and more. These are Catholic apocalyptic novels. I read Father Elijah and liked it, started Strangers and Sojourners and could not get into it. My daughter Gabe went to school with one of the many O'Brien kids. I believe the daughter she went to school with now teaches (or did teach) at Mary Mother of God School, a wonderful independent Catholic school in Toronto co-founded by Rebecca Pontisso and presided over now by Gord Nixon. I first learned the beauty of singing the Office in Gregorian chant, in English, from Rebecca, Gord, and John DiMarco years ago at a retreat in Wernersville, PA.

How nice that morning prayer wound up a meditation on friendship, this morning. Also I think I might like Michael O'Brien's art work more than his writing. What struck me about this picture, as I looked at the many images of the mystery that I googled up, is the scrolls of the Torah that young Jesus holds with such reverence. Suddenly it seemed to me right that he had gone off on his own without telling his parents. Didn't they know he would be in his Father's home?

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