Tuesday, April 18, 2006

OSU librarian slapped with “sexual harassment” charge for recommending conservative books for freshmen

I would say this outrageous story was an April Fool's joke except that it's become obvious, from where I sit at the University of Delaware, that the boomers like myself who are now in charge of academia have become every bit as oppressive and intolerant as The Establishment they used to protest.

It looks to me like the liberals in academia are also becoming terrified of conservatives gaining any intellectual foothold in the ranks of the young. It's not going to work, though. The more conservative thought is oppressed in our universities, the more young people will seek it out and embrace it. Although I no longer call myself a liberal, and can't quite bring myself to say I am a conservative, I am fed up with the bigotry and hypocrisy of liberal intellectuals.

Mike Adams has a good column on the OSU situation, titled The Intellectual Rape of Scott Savage.

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