Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday morning

Sunday morning, the Lord's Day. I am still sick as a dog, still cannot talk, almost no energy, and my mind and spirit are as messed up by this deep chest cold or whatever type virus it is as by the situation with Owen my grandson.

Being sick sucks at the best of times. Right now, I'm shell-shocked in so many ways, and so is my whole family.

Things that are good right now -- ginger ale, water with lemon, herb teas, soups, bananas. Prayer, rosary, scripture, Fr. Alberione's words, JPII, To Kill a Mockingbird which I am finally re-reading. What a welcoming book. Having a daughter in Alabama makes it so much more personal; the COM-PASSION in that book is such an antidote to the anger and hatred that characterizes racism and the mutant children it spawns in all directions.

Things that are bad -- to much thinking, the bane of D'Orazios in all situations. Sue Marie called me yesterday with an amazing dream she had about Reetie and Owen. Reetie had her own amazing dream of Owen. D'Orazios are Dreamers and thinkers. The dreaming is good, the thinking is not, at least not for me and not when I am not well in body or perhaps in mind. No, I take that back. I always worry about my mental health, but as Judy Willets said to me, objectively I am just fine mentally. I behave and speak appropriately for the circumstances I am in.

Also, it's quite true that I am a writer, no matter how much or how little I have been published. And writers write... we spin gold out of straw, and must try to do so or perish.

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