Thursday, March 16, 2006

cruel world

The cruel war is raging,
Owen has to fight
I want to be with him
Both morning and night.
I want to be with him,
It grieves my heart so,
Won't You let me be with him?
No, My love, no.

Tomorrow is Friday.
Tuesday was the day,
That my voice closed up on me
And grace went away.
Grace went in hiding,
Self-pity took me whole,
Won't You give me a break now?
No, My love, no.

Oh Reetie, my baby,
I fear I am unkind.
I don't know how to love you
As your tough road unwinds
I don't know how to love you
As you face the cruel fate
Of a mother whose heart breaks
For baby and mate.

My son-in-law Robert,
A stalwart man are you.
I could not ask better
For my daughter and crew.
I could not ask better,
Yet I spoke words that hurt,
My voice has been taken,
Lest more my pain might blurt.

Oh Owen, oh Owen,
I barely know your name.
A love that is always
On my heart you make claim.
A love that is always
A life that is brief
Can I ever forgive you
Death, thou foul cheat?

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Anonymous said...

Thinking about you, GF...from here in NJ