Sunday, February 05, 2006

Speaking of horror

Has anyone been watching The Masters of Horror, which is a new one-hour horror anthology on Showtime? Last night's episode featured the search for a legendary horror film called "Le Fin Absolute de Monde" (The End of the World). The film was allegedly screened publicly only once, in a film festival screening that ended in chaos, screaming and blood. All copies were then burned. But were they?

Of couse they were not!

The story was very good, although the horror was of the in-your-face splatter variety so popular today, that HBO and Showtime like to use to trump the more censored networks. I would like to see the same story done with a lighter touch, less gore and more chill.

There was one exceptionally chilling image -- a pale, bluish-white, androgynous and infinitely sad looking angel in chains, with stumps on his back where his wings had been brutally severed live, in front of the cameras, during the filming of the missing film.

The episode was directed by John Carpenter.

Here's a much better review of it than I could ever write.

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