Sunday, February 05, 2006

A new vocation

I am reading "For Me To Live is Christ: A Guide for Pauline Laity" by Sr. Margaret Charles Kerry, FSP.

Fr. Alberione, founder of the Pauline Family of religious and lay institutes, wrote this about the Pauline charism and mission:
This vocation is in fact new; it has no precedents and must be completely created by God as he created in St. Paul the vocation to widely extend the Church which Paul had persecuted. God wants to create this vocation in these times.
The Pauline charism is a new charism yet based on venerated religious traditions of established religious orders. Its charismatic elements preceded Vatican II in their foundation but proceeded the council in their application, as foreseen by Blessed James Alberione. He was a man "ahead of his time" who awaited the "hour of God."

This is especially true in his desire to include the lay faithful in the "house" of the Pauline Family. The Association of Pauline Cooperators was one of his first foundations (1918). He founded the Aggregated Institutes for single men (St. Gabriel the Archangel) and women (Mary of the Annunciation) and the Holy Family Institute for married couples in the late 1950's just a few years before the opening of Vatican Council II. During the Counceil he experienced the fullness of the gifts God had promised. His dreams for the lay associations became clearer. The mission he envisioned for the lay faithful was confirmed by the Pope and Bishops.

Here on earth everything is a school of love. - Alberione

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