Friday, February 17, 2006

Hamster Dance Through Seattle

Music video of people doing the hamster dance through Seattle.

I'm so glad to live when I live. What a world.

Best. Angel. Parody. Ever.

O my, o my, if you love Angel:The Series by Joss Whedon you absolutely MUST check out this parody from Seattle:

Cherub: The Vampire with Bunny Slippers!

Watch them sequentially: the trailer, Episode 1, Episode 2 ... I hope they do a whole season like they say they will!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Speaking of horror

Has anyone been watching The Masters of Horror, which is a new one-hour horror anthology on Showtime? Last night's episode featured the search for a legendary horror film called "Le Fin Absolute de Monde" (The End of the World). The film was allegedly screened publicly only once, in a film festival screening that ended in chaos, screaming and blood. All copies were then burned. But were they?

Of couse they were not!

The story was very good, although the horror was of the in-your-face splatter variety so popular today, that HBO and Showtime like to use to trump the more censored networks. I would like to see the same story done with a lighter touch, less gore and more chill.

There was one exceptionally chilling image -- a pale, bluish-white, androgynous and infinitely sad looking angel in chains, with stumps on his back where his wings had been brutally severed live, in front of the cameras, during the filming of the missing film.

The episode was directed by John Carpenter.

Here's a much better review of it than I could ever write.

What else I am reading

For light entertainment I am reading two anthologies I acquired at the Hockessin Library annual book sale: The Many Faces of Van Helsing: Original Stories Featuring the Original Vampire Hunter, edited by Jeanne Cavelos, and Rivals of Dracula, edited by Robert Weinberg, Stefan Dziemianowicz and Martin Greenberg.

Both anthologies have stories by Tanith Lee, whose novel The Silver Metal Lover is a lifetime favorite of mine.

Last night I watched three episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Two: Innocence, Phases, Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, and Passion. These are the first four episodes of the Angel Goes Bad arc that made Season Two arguably the best season of that excellent television series.

I'm not sure why the vampire myth appeals to me as no other horror fiction motif. It must have to do with the inside-out echoes of Catholicism, where the Blood is also the Life.

But the vampire as the negative- or anti- Christ is not the crux of it. I think the crux of it is that the vampire myth of all horror motifs exposes the anguish of damnation. The horror of being human with all human passions, but stripped of warmth and love.

Joss Whedon's vampires are not all damned and his tinkering with tradition makes for a world where creatures hunger not just for the blood of innocents but for redemption.

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make.

A new vocation

I am reading "For Me To Live is Christ: A Guide for Pauline Laity" by Sr. Margaret Charles Kerry, FSP.

Fr. Alberione, founder of the Pauline Family of religious and lay institutes, wrote this about the Pauline charism and mission:
This vocation is in fact new; it has no precedents and must be completely created by God as he created in St. Paul the vocation to widely extend the Church which Paul had persecuted. God wants to create this vocation in these times.
The Pauline charism is a new charism yet based on venerated religious traditions of established religious orders. Its charismatic elements preceded Vatican II in their foundation but proceeded the council in their application, as foreseen by Blessed James Alberione. He was a man "ahead of his time" who awaited the "hour of God."

This is especially true in his desire to include the lay faithful in the "house" of the Pauline Family. The Association of Pauline Cooperators was one of his first foundations (1918). He founded the Aggregated Institutes for single men (St. Gabriel the Archangel) and women (Mary of the Annunciation) and the Holy Family Institute for married couples in the late 1950's just a few years before the opening of Vatican Council II. During the Counceil he experienced the fullness of the gifts God had promised. His dreams for the lay associations became clearer. The mission he envisioned for the lay faithful was confirmed by the Pope and Bishops.

Here on earth everything is a school of love. - Alberione

He ain't heavy

For the last few days I have been nursing the notion -- not exactly nursing but more like reveling in the feeling that goes with apprehension of the notion -- that each person I meet was created by the Same One Who created me. With the same gratuitous love. For the same reason. But uniquely revelatory of God in ways only God knows and understands.

I live and work with created beings of such splendor and beauty that God Himself came down to live among them as one of them, and redeem them from the ill they freely chose.

I'm not the favorite daughter. It only seems that way to my limited, inside-my-own-head point of view.