Tuesday, November 01, 2005

How do I filter out spam on my blog?

Okay, folks, I finally have a moment to ask the $24,000 question that I'm embarrassed to ask because I am, after all, in the computer support business:

How do I get rid of all the spam that's been coming to my blog? Do I have to bite the bullet and say no more anonymous posting, and require people to register in order to make comments?

I'm not sure what brought about the recent flood of spam, but then I'm not really sure how my comments work anyway, since I have two sets of them.



Matt said...


You can filter out spam using Show Word Verification. It's kind of a pain in the neck for your users, but it will filter out spam...

Go to your blog control panel, click on Settings, then the subsection Comments. The verification option is about the 7th one down.


Rae said...

Hey, cool. Thanks, Matt!

Actually I kind of like these word verification things when I run across them. There's something neat about proving myself to be a human being.