Sunday, November 06, 2005

Happy birthday, Rae!

My birthday was November 1, All Saints Day. I spent the day in a fugue if fugue means depression. I don't know because I have lost my old Home Page with its easy link to and I'm too lazy to type the URL.

No, that's not it, I'm just TOO EXCITED.

Bill surprised me Just Now with a new computer for my birthday! The kids knew about it but I had no suspicion. Bill and I rarely give each other birthday gifts of a material nature.

They got rid of me by having me to go to Shoprite to pick out my own birthday cake, mine and Carrie's (my to-be daughter-in-law whose birthday is Oct. 30 so we celebrated together today). While I was gone, they slipped the new computer into my old place. There's no new monitor. So when I sat down to check and see if I had any new sales from the bookmobile, dang if I didn't wind up saying, "Hey, who's been fooling around with my computer? My home page is gone!"

Everybody started laughing. I think money changed hands, ie. somebody won a bet. I took a closer look. Woo-hoo!! A sleek little black and silver CPU, 1/5 the size of my old one.

"Well, you had the crappiest computer in the house," Bill said by way of explanation.

And that's not the best. I now have music! Not just a sound card and speakers, which I didn't have before, but MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC.

Bob Dylan. Buffy Sainte Marie. Judee Sill. Mamas & Papas. Joan Baez. John Prine. Abba ("Everybody loves ABBA!"). Paul Simon. Simon & Garfunkel. Woody Guthrie. Carole King. Janis Joplin. Tony Bennett. Bruce Springsteen. Leadbelly. Joni Mitchell. Carole King.

I've been asking them all for years now to set me up with some tunes. I feel like such an old woman, but it's all I can do to keep up with the computer support I need to do at work for my job. Learning new tricks at home like how to make sense out of the complicated, ever-changing music download scene is more than this old dog ever wanted to do.

I have tunes! I have a faster processor! I have TONS of space to waste! I can burn CDs! I have USB ports! I am a happy, happy puppy.

Mmmmmm. Purrrrrrr. I'm listening to Buffy St. Marie with a big cake-eating smile on my face.

And I got flowers, flowers, flower -- three bunches, from three sets of folks I love.

Deo gratias! I am so blessed in my life, my family, my friends. Christ, remind me never to complain again this year...

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Debra Murphy said...

Happy birthday, Rae.

I'm a hobbit about an awful lot of things, but I confess that the computer/internet is one of the modern world's inventions for which I'm most truly grateful. I'd give up my car (in a heartbeat) before I gave up my computer!