Thursday, November 03, 2005

Father Alberione Thursday

I had reason to reflect on the priesthood today. So tonight I pick up Fr. Alberione's THOUGHTS and read a chapter I've always skipped before, his chapter titled The Priest. I just had a birthday, my 56th, so this jumped up at me from that chapter:
In spite of everything we grow old! It's true. But let it be clear: the clergy will ever be young if:
- they keep themselves updated in studies;
- they live devoutly in their own day and age;
- their pastoral activity adheres to the needs of the people;
- they know how to pace their energies, as much as possible, through a well-regulated life;
- they live in the ageless, always youthful Jesus Christ, in every age and in the Church, which never grows old.
And later on:
The priesthood must not die. The particles of the Eucharist are consumed, but Jesus' presence in the tabernacle continues. Caring for vocations is the work of works. The first apostolate of Jesus was that of finding and forming those who would continue what He had begun, the apostles. Before beginning to preach, He had already gathered a small group of future priests, the apostles. He spent the best part of His public life with them.
And finally, Father Alberione's own prayer:

Jesus, Divine Master, may Your amiable heart be thanked and blessed for the institution of the priesthood. As You were sent by the Father, so priests are sent by You... Send good laborers into Your harvest, O Jesus. May priests be the salt which purifies and preserves, the light of the world, the city on the mountain top.

To which I say, Amen!

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