Friday, October 21, 2005

" A profound sense of inner shrug"

Here's an excerpt from an interview with Barbara Nicolosi in Godspy; this part talks about her leaving the Daughters of St. Paul. The last line is a killer, and made me want to laugh and cry at the same time. It provides a balm to my ongoing trauma at the University:
I left the Daughters after a kind of Sound of Music scene with my Provincial Superior. She crying and saying "Barbara, you are a hard person to send away, but we think God is calling you somewhere else." And me crying saying, "I'll change. I'll change. Don't make me go!" But inside, I was actually relieved. Really.

It's served me well to have gone through that whole trauma-and it was traumatic. It's given me a profound sense of inner shrug that gets me through otherwise daunting challenges. When you've been thrown out of the convent during the worst vocation crisis in the history of the Church, what else can the world do to you?
Read the whole interview here.

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