Saturday, September 17, 2005

Face the Truth or face the grandchildren

Today Delaware Right to Life is holding their monthly Face the Truth demonstration outside the Planned Parenthood building right on Delaware Avenue in Newark, three blocks from the University. I try to make every one of those demonstrations so I can hold a poster and flash the peace sign at everyone who goes by. Sometimes people I know will wave, sometimes I'll see them see me and quickly look away. Newark is a small university city.

So I looked forward to being out there again today. But then I found out that my granddaughter Ruth's first soccer game was taking place at the same time. So I'm off to soccer. One thing I regret is that I didn't attend each and every sports event of my own children. I had a lot of excuses, especially having so many little ones I was caring for. But looking back, I wish very much that I had.

So my grandchildren will benefit. And today I will not try to save the world but enjoy my family.

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