Thursday, August 25, 2005

school is in the air!

I had a great day at work today. Helped three people with web tasks, two with scanning jobs. No matter what, no matter where.... when a new school year begins, the air buzzes with the promise of New Beginnings.

I want to buy school supplies!

And remember the smell of a new container of paste? No elmer's glue, but that cool white paste that came with a little brush on the underside of the cap. Mmmmmm, paste.

In third grade, our new teacher didn't arrive until the first whole month of school was through. This was on a US Air Base in Germany, and I guess there weren't any substitute teachers. So for a solid month, we had only art and music every day. Oh, plus recitation of the multiplication tables. I made a paper mache (sp) snake that I painted green, gold and brown. It was cool and hard I could use it as a cudgel.

That was a sweet September. Math, art, music and recess. And still the promise of New Beginnings in the air.

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