Monday, August 01, 2005

Fetuses v the pregnant women who carry them: a debate

On September 15, the Philosophy Dept at UD, along with Catholic Scholars of Delaware, the Political Science Dept and some other groups, is sponsoring a debate between Kate Rogers & Eileen McDonagh on "Maternal Rights v Fetal Rights: Should Abortion be Re-criminalized"? Eileen McDonagh is a Associate Professor of Political Science at Northeastern University and a Visiting Scholar at the Murray Research Center, Radcliffe College. She has written
the book Breaking the Abortion Deadlock: From Choice to Consent in which she "breaks the impasse [of abortion] by using pro-life premises to reach pro-choice conclusions. "

Kate Rogers is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at UD where she teaches Contemporary moral problems, medieval philosophy, and philosophy and film. She is the author of The Anselmian Approach to God and Creation .

I think Kate will be able to more than hold her own against this woman whose argument does not rely on Roe's right to privacy but on the fetus being an agent in its own right. With
Sandra Day O'Connor leaving her position in the Supreme Court, I think this debate will draw both students and faculty at UD, and folks from the community, and be an opportunity to
showcase the strength of the pro-life arguments to students who may never have been exposed to it at an academic level.

Come to Newark the evening of September 15. Should be a good debate, with a reception to follow.

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