Friday, July 29, 2005

Road Trip!

When life stresses you out, hit the road! That's what my brother, Mark "Perfesser Creekwater" D'Orazio always does. That's what I'm doing, in mid-August. The past three months have been discouraging, scary, depressing and heart-curdling. God has been faithful, of course, as have my husband, family and those friends I can still trust as friends.

But a road trip, by myself, 11 days tooling around Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, catching every library I can find in search of discarded books for Pious Ladies Bookmobile, going to unique little destinations like the Moravian Book Shop in Bethlehem PA or Roots Country Market and Auction in Lancaster County, wow! Those two places are courtesy of Travelocity's "Local Secrets, Big Finds" from its latest e-newsletter that gave me the idea in the first place. I'll never look at spam quite the same way again -- oh wait, I told Travelocity I wanted to receive their e-letters, so it's not spam.

When I started looking at out of the way places to go and cool things to do, I could not believe my luck when I discovered a Buffy/Angel convention just 125 miles away in the Poconos. Moonlight Rising is its name, and from all accounts it is a small, 400-600 person convention. Just the size for me. Kane will have a concert Friday night, that is Christian Kane's (Lindsey on Angel) "outlaw country" band whose CD I have played so much I'll need to get another copy.

I have to start off with the convention, because that will be my absolute only time commitment. After that, it's seven days of going where I want, when I want, it's going to be the kind of road trip I dream of and have never taken.

Literally, I dream at least once a month, sometimes more, of such a road trip. I love driving by myself, tunes blasting, good reading material for when I hole up for the night. Going it alone will be a dream come true.

I want to get back in touch with who I am. Away from this place, away from all responsibilities, away from a time table. Just me and the open road.

Can't wait.


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