Wednesday, July 06, 2005

my grandbaby Zeke's other grandmother Pat gives good advice to bloggers

Don’t let your blog get you into trouble

The story is becoming increasingly common: Someone faces legal repercussions for something in their blog.

Bloggers have been fired and even sued for postings in their online journals. For many reasons, bloggers are more vulnerable than traditional journalists. And the law as it relates to online journals is fuzzy at best.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation was formed to protect your digital liberties. So it’s no surprise that it provides information to bloggers. It has a treasure trove of information on legal issues.

Find out what you need to know about political and workplace issues. Even if you avoid these topics, you can benefit from the site. There’s information on privacy rights and intellectual property issues. If you’re a blogger (or an aspiring blogger), don’t miss this site! And if you know a blogger, pass it on!


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