Sunday, July 03, 2005

Discovering Dolly

A few weeks ago I was at a library book sale and found audio cassette tapes for a dime apiece. I bought a bunch of country music tapes to listen to in my truck which has no CD player like my car.

I am enjoying making my way through them, but the revelation has been Dolly Parton. I have discovered a new favorite singer, and since she's been recording for so long I have a ton of music to look forward to hearing.

The name of the album I bought for a dime is White Limozeen. The title song is a breezy story of a "Daisy Mae in jeans" who comes to Los Angeles to make her fortune, future success symbolized by the eponymous white limousine that she's carting her relatives around in by the end of the song.

But the best cut is He's Alive, an eerie and vibrant retelling of the story of Easter morning through a first person narrative by St. Peter.

Dolly's voice has quite a range, and her delivery is infectious. I'm so glad to have a "new" singer to listen to!

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