Thursday, June 16, 2005

"somebody, tell a joke"

That's a line from Moonstruck. The grandfather says it when everyone is sitting around at the breakfast table in the last scene and the tension is so thick you can cut it. Later on, the scene dissolves into laughter, love and champagne Italian style, with sugar cubes.

I'm in need of laughter. Too much seriousness in my life lately.

I can't think of any jokes, so here's what I've been reading and viewing.

Currently reading Bloodcircle, another P.N. Elrod vampire noir detective novel. Love this series, but I am coming to and end of the ones I haven't read. While in Alabama I read Keeper of the King, which she wrote with Nigel Bennett, and I cannot recommend it at all. It's also about a vampire, and I've never read Bennett before, but it's more of a vampire James Bond type story and I really just did not enjoy it at all.

After this I start Elizabeth Letts' novel Quality of Care. At a book signing at Borders, the author warned me not to read it before my grandbaby was born, because she read her own proofs before her baby was born and it scared her and kept her up at nights worrying. Childbirth figures into the plot, I gather, and I am now sufficiently over my worry about safe delivery of little Zeke to be able to read about childbirth gone wrong.

Then on to Brenda Clough's book Suburban Gods, which includes How Like a God and Doors of Death and Life. I read an author interview on a Christian SF list I'm on and that intrigued me to buy this book when I found it in Elizabethtown, PA on a recent visit.

On television I watched The Inside last night, a new show about an FBI profiler team of some sort with a woman member whose past includes being kidnapped when she was 10 and held for months by some scary perp who inflicted horrors that now help her profile similar perps. I had high hopes for the show because I like Tim Minear, the producer, and Jane Espenson, who had a writing credit on last night's episode, and Adam Baldwin who is a regular. All three have done work with Mutant Enemy and Joss Whedon. But I have been spoiled by Law and Order, which is all about the crimes and not much about the crime-catchers. Last night's episode was a cross between Silence of the Lambs and X-Files, but the girl FBI agent was too vulnerable and the S and M sex theme was too creepy. Even Adam Baldwin was subdued. Very disappointed, though I suppose I will watch at least once more. If the next episode is all about sex, and in a titillating way (which Law and Order SVU never is), I'll pass.

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