Saturday, June 25, 2005

And you?

The educated mind is not different in kind from the uneducated. Both receive the wherewithal to live, to love, to thrive, to give. The heart afflicts them both. Faith is offered equally. Power, too.

I remember when I scolded my friend Jessica because she worked in academia while I played Mod Squad with young female offenders in the juvenile correction system. The ivory tower isn't real life, I said. It's insular and privileged.

I've been too long in the tower now myself. While unemployment scourges the land, I've hugged my place of privilege to my chest as if it were my just desserts. But hot fudge sundaes are my just desserts, with whipped cream, heat, and a cherry on top. Served up with friendship that I thought would only grow more dear as time went by. A kinship of hearts and a bridging of minds in apposite delight. Balance, respect, a counter-culture blazing a trail through the ugly culture wars that plagued a fortuneless populace.

When did ideology become a substitute for love? Even the sound of it is ugly - Eye Dee Ol Ogee.
Cellar door it's not.

What on earth was Jesus thinking when he told us we should love our enemies? After all, he said, even the pagans love those who are good to them. And how does one come to have enemies, anyway? What is the anatomy of persecution and hatred? Did hatred hurt Christ, inside?

Just some musings on a Saturday night. I walked 1.67 miles on the treadmill today, with my sister. I saw Batman Begins last night - the best Batman ever. I am following my doctor's orders, she said get out and exercise. But she also said no email, and maybe this is not healthy either?

Should I write fiction? writing is what I do. It's what keeps me alive. I am a writer, have been my whole life. Language is what prayer is preceded by.

Gabriel tells me Zeke is smiling now, dazzling smiles that light up his face when he sees his grandma Pat and granddad Dick. He was so warm and soft when I held him. I want to hold him again. I want to see him smile.

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