Thursday, May 19, 2005

send in the frozen embryos, followed by the clones...

Here we go again, and it's durned depressing. The state of Delaware is entertaining a bill that will allow use of human embryos left over from IVF for research purposes. Of course there will never be enough of these for what's needed in embryonic stem cell research, and so the next step will be another bill to allow cloning of human embryos for research purposes. Representative Mike Castle, our federal rep and a big ESC backer, has admitted as much when talking of his own efforts to allow use of these "discarded embryos" for research.

Meanwhile, I talked last week with a woman in North Carolina's whose 19-month old son was gurgling in the background. But was he really 19-months old, or much older? Being as he spent a bunch of time frozen before he was adopted by my phone correspondent and her husband, who thought a living child was a better use of frozen embryos than research, he's actually quite a bit older than 19 months.

Here's a nice article by Michael Fumento on how the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) has gone over to the Dark Side, where the Force can be so strong... sorry, but I'm feeling sick about it all. And tired of the new battle, before it has even started. It seems a Sisyphian task to get folks to break through all the Doublespeak and see what's really being proposed here. Ugh.

Diabetes Foundation Loses its Way

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