Saturday, May 07, 2005

Saturday mornings in May part 2

Okay, now for a partial list of books I scored today for the Bookmobile.

The Abbey Psalter: The book of psalms used by the Trappist monks of Genesee Abbey, hand-lettered text, art photographs from medieval monasteries, new introduction by Abbot John Eudes Bamberger, O.C.S.O. "A book for private use or to give as a beautiful gift." Maroon cloth cover with gilt lettering in Fine condition.
50 cents my friends!

The Brothers Grimm: Two Lives, One Legacy, Donald Hettinga, hardcover with dust jacket in Fine/Fine condition., 1st edition.
Dang! another 50 cents!

The Four Corners of the Sky: Creation Stories and Cosmologies from Around the World by Steve Zeitlin, hardcover with dust jacket in Fine/Fine condition, 1st edition.
The paper smells so good on this one and it's got that nice bright white thickness of quality paper.
25 cents.

I came back with five boxes of books, all of them in excellent condition. And my kids say I am a nerd. How can they!

Oh, a nice odd-sized edition of The Little Prince, " with restored original art" it says although the art looks the same as in my other copy. I think the colors might be a little different.

Then in the afternoon, I came across the Kirkwood Library having its annual sale. I only had 15 minutes to look or I'd be late for my next gig, but a quick look yielded four P.N. Elrod vampire detective noir mass market paperbacks, all in like new condition. And they had VHS tapes for a quarter apiece this year, audio cassettes for a dime. I bought a dollar's worth of audio cassettes, mostly country music, none I was familiar with but Dolly Parton, to play in our new used truck which came with a cassette player instead of CD. And for a quarter apiece I bought The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Fourth Dimension, some futuristic movie directed by Roland Emmerich that I never heard of (Mars 4000 maybe?), and The Hidden. As soon as I got back to the house I plunked myself down and enjoyed The Hidden, which I remembered liking but could not remember anything else about. Fun.

And I still have only watched the first two videotapes of Season 1 of The Highlander, after I scored the entire five seasons, complete, last week.

I love garage sales.

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Joey Steel said...

dude i just wanted to say that I think Joe vs. the volcano is an amazing film, just pure gold, great selection in your profile!