Thursday, May 12, 2005

Pious Ladies Bookmobile is on the move again

Bookselling partner Debfriend & I are getting ready to move from Abebooks to Amazon. If you sell books on Abe, you might want to consider making the move yourself.

Fellow Newark bookseller Mike Brooks discovered that due to the way the feedback game is played, a direct account on Amazon sells four times as much as an indirect Amazon account through Abe. I wondered if this was true for him just because he carries different stock than me. But as an experiment I listed about 20 books directly on Amazon on Saturday. Danged if I haven't sold half of them already.

Since my Abebooks sales had slowed down to a trickle, and now I'm back selling a couple of books a day, I'm going to move my whole operation over to Amazon. Pious Ladies Bookmobile will once again be moving its virtual offices!

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