Tuesday, May 10, 2005

congregation conjugation

I'm feeling the least bit melancholy over the snarkiness and sniping that goes on within the Body of Christ. On the blogs, the mailing lists, the forums. In front of the world we are supposed to be helping Christ to redeem.

I took my vow of vocabulary abstinence so I won't talk in political categories or doxological (sic?) categories. But I am tired.

I'm no better at eschewing snarkiness than anybody else.

Snark is fun.
Fun is snark.
Fun to read.
Fun to write.
Fun to imagine those "like us" laughing in enjoyment at our snarks.
Fun to imagine those "against us" stung by our snarks.

I snark | We snark
You snark | You snark
He/she/it snarks | They snark

See Rae snark. See j snark. Snark, A., snark. Snark, snark , snark.

WWJS? Would He snark at all?

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